How to connect Claude to Google Sheets

You can connect Claude to Google Sheets with the GPT for Sheets extension:

Step 1: Install the GPT for Sheets and Docs add-on

Install from the marketplace:

Step 2: Get your Anthropic API key

You can get an API key from the Anthropic dashboard:

Step 3: Setup your API key in GPT for Sheets and Docs

In a spreadsheet:

  1. Go to Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Open sidebar
  2. Click on the top left hamburger menu > API keys
  3. Enter your Anthropic API key
  4. Click save

If you encounter an issue setting up your API key, please read our full api key setup guide here:

Step 4: Use Claude in Google Sheets

Select claude-3-haiku, claude-3-sonnet or claude-3-opus (not recommended as it is too slow and very expensive) from the top model switcher dropdown. Claude is now connected to Google Sheets, and you can ask it anything via the GPT functions or bulk tools.

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