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Use the Classify / Categorize bulk tool to classify each cell of a column into one of several predefined categories.

For example, you can classify user feedback into relevant categories for your support team.

You have opened a spreadsheet containing data for classification in one of its columns.
  1. Select Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Open.

  2. Click Classify / Categorize from the Bulk tools tab.

  3. If you open the Bulk tools for the first time, you are prompted to grant additional permissions. These permissions are required for GPT for Sheets to write in your spreadsheets.
    1. Click Sign-in with Google. A Sign in with Google window opens.
    2. Select the Google account with which you have installed GPT for Sheets.
    3. Click Allow to grant GPT for Sheets the required permissions.

  4. Configure the classification tool to match the data in your sheet:
    1. Select the column to Classify.
    2. Enter the categories you want to classify your content into, separated by commas.
    3. Select the column to Put results in

    4. The image highlights three main steps: selecting a column to classify, entering desired categories separated by commas, and choosing a column to put the results in.

    Note: Using gpt-3.5-turbo models may result in less accurate results. To achieve enhanced accuracy in following instructions, select the gpt-4o model. Learn more.

  5. Select if you want to run a specific number of rows or All rows. Then, click Run rows.

The closest category to the content of each cell is identified and written in the selected column.