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Rate limits

GPT for Work extensions rely on services that enforce rate limits to ensure smooth and fair access to everyone.

If you choose not to set up your own API keys, you will share rate limits with other GPT for Work users. By setting your own API keys instead of using our shared keys, you will benefit from your own rate limits, which you can manage from these links:

Google rate limits:

  • If you use the GPT for Sheets and Docs add-on, you are also subject to the rate limits enforced by Google, based on your type of account:

    External service calls daily limits
    (URL fetch)
    gmail.com20k / day / account
    Google Workspace100k / day / Google Workspace account

    Google's rate limits apply to all add-ons and scripts, not just ours. If you use multiple scripts or add-ons, your usage counts towards the same rate limits. GPT for Excel and Word are not affected by Google's rate limits.

  • If you enable Safe mode in GPT for Sheets:

    • Do not drag formulas on more than 500 rows at once.
    • Execution speed is slower and limited to 120 executions per minute (1,800 per hour) and 2,000 executions launched in parallel.