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Search the web

Use the Search the web bulk tool to browse the web in real time and get up-to-date answers to your questions. You can ask questions about events, facts, people, URLs... This tool is built on Perplexity AI's online model.

  1. Click GPT for Excel Word in the Home tab. If you don't see it, go to Home > Add-ins > My add-ins > GPT for Excel Word.

  2. Click Search the web from the Bulk tools tab.

  3. Configure the Search the web tool to match the data in your sheet:

    1. Write a question.
    2. Select the column your question is About.
    3. Select the column to Write results in.
    The image shows how to enter a prompt, select a relevant column for the prompt, and choose a column to write the results in
    • Using gpt-3.5-turbo models may result in less accurate results. To achieve enhanced accuracy in following instructions and glossary interpretation, select gpt-4 models. Learn more.
    • It is also recommended to write your question in English, as this leads to better results.
  4. Select if you want to run a specific number of cells or All cells. Then, click Run cells.

The answers to your question are generated in the selected column.