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Search the web from Microsoft Excel

Search the web in real time and get up-to-date information, either with the Web browsing bulk tool or using the GPT_WEB function. These two methods should be used whenever you ask questions about events, facts, people, companies for which freshness and accuracy is important. They are built on Perplexity AI's online model.

You have created a Microsoft workbook and clicked GPT for Excel Word in the Home tab.

Search the web with bulk tools

  1. Click GPT for Excel Word in the Home tab.

  2. Click Search the web from the Bulk tools tab, and:

    1. Write a question.
    2. Select the column your question is About.
    3. Select the column to Write results in.
  3. Click Run cells.

The answers to your question are generated in the selected column.

Learn more about the Web browsing bulk tool.

Search the web with GPT_WEB

Perform general searches

The GPT_WEB function enables you to ask direct questions and get up-to-date answers based on a web search:

=GPT_WEB("Is the company Owkin doing research on cancer?")

Perform targeted searches

Provide a specific URL from which the information must be retrieved:

=GPT_WEB("What services does this company provide?", A2)

The URL must start with http://, or https://.

Learn more about the GPT_WEB function.