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Questions for Word

How do I install the GPT for Word add-in?

Install from Microsoft AppSource:

  1. Go to the installation page.
  2. Click Open in Word.
  3. Follow the steps until the end.
Learn more in Install GPT for Word
I have installed GPT for Word, how do I start?
Now that GPT for Word is installed, you can launch it from Microsoft Word Home tab and start chatting with your Word documents. Learn more in our Get started.
How is my data processed? Is it used to train models?
  • We do not read or store any data from your document that you do not use as an input.
  • We send your inputs to the OpenAI API and we display the resulting outputs in your document.
  • If you use a model with your own API key, we do not log or store any of the inputs submitted or outputs received.
  • If you use a model without your own API key, we log all the inputs and outputs for support purposes for a duration of 30 days. We then store them for 5 years to comply with applicable law, enforce our terms and policies, keep our Service safe and for product improvement purposes (excluding the training of any language model).
  • Whether you use a model with or without your own API key, Talarian does not use your inputs and outputs to train language models.

To check the AI provider’s models available with or without your own API key, please see our list of supported models.

More information on how we use your data in our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and DPA.

More information on AI providers’ use of content is available on their relevant terms, as detailed in our Terms of Service.

Is gpt-4o supported?

Yes, gpt-4o is supported with and without an API key.

Do I need an API key?
No. This add-in offers models that do not require an API key. See the full list here.
How can I ask questions about my document?
Select some text or the whole document for GPT for Word to take it into account along with your questions in the chat message.
My OpenAI API free trial is expired or inactive even though I've never used it...

You can double check if it is indeed expired by trying to run a prompt on the official playground.

Your OpenAI free trial will not work if you have already used the phone number with which you verified your OpenAI account for another OpenAI account. Creating a new account with a new phone number should provide you with a working free trial.

ChatGPT Plus/Pro subscriptions don't cover the use of OpenAI APIs, which are used by GPT for Word.
Why is my response cut or incomplete?

Models have a maximum token limit, which is the maximum total number of tokens that can be used in both the input and the response. This means models may not provide complete responses to long queries or when a large portion of text is selected as input. Check the token count for your input in GPT for Word sidebar.

To stay within the token limit, click on Clear chat to delete your chat history or break up your work into smaller parts. You can also select a model with a higher limit (context window).

Can I use my custom GPT and Assistants API?
Unfortunately the current OpenAI API, used by GPT for Word, does not support these features.
Which versions of Word are supported by this add-in?

The following table lists the minimum versions of Microsoft Word supported by the GPT for Word add-in, according to your version of Office.

Office on Windows
- Microsoft 365 subscription
- retail perpetual Office 2016 and later
Office on Windows
(volume-licensed perpetual)
Office on MacOffice on iPadOffice on the webOffice Online Server
Word Version 2205 (Build 15202.10000)Not supportedWord 16.61.401.0Not supportedSupportedNot supported
What permissions are required by the GPT for Word add-in?
The add-in requires toReason
View your basic profileAllows the add-in to see your basic profile (name, image, user name).
Maintain access to data you have given it access toAllows the add-in to access the data (your info and documents), even when you are not currently using it. This does not give the app any additional permissions.
Which browsers are compatible with GPT for Word?
GPT for Word is compatible with the following browsers:
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows and Chrome are highly recommended for the best experience
  • Firefox
  • Safari on Mac
Is there a limit to the number of requests I can send?
OpenAI enforces rate limits in order to ensure a smooth and fair access to everyone. Learn more.
How do I uninstall the GPT for Word add-in?
The uninstallation process is described here.
Who is this add-in made by?
This add-in is made by Talarian. Talarian is a profitable company established in 2015, specialized in Google add-ons and Microsoft add-ins. There are around 40 people working at Talarian.

Talarian is ISO27001 certified.

Which models can I use?
Which languages can I use?

Models work in many languages, but deliver the best results in English. All we can say is try it. It is usually better to prompt in the language you want the response to be in. In any case, avoid mixing languages in a prompt.