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Custom content generation within Sheets

You can perform any text-based task within Google Sheets using the Custom prompt bulk tool. This guide walks you through generating marketplace titles for pieces of furniture based on their description, and optimizing these results.

While you can also use the GPT function to perform this task, we'll focus on using the Custom prompt bulk tool in this guide.

Step 1: Get started


Open the GPT for Sheets add-on and run the Custom prompt bulk tool with your prompt Write a marketplace title for this product: {{A}} on a few rows to see how it works.

Select Extensions, GPT for Sheets and Docs, and Open. Then Bulk tools tab, Custom prompt.

If you find the answers satisfactory, go ahead and generate titles in bulk! Otherwise, check how to improve your results in Step 2.

Step 2: Improve your results (optional)

To obtain the best results when generating custom content, consider the following approaches:

GoalRecommended approach
Enhance instruction adherenceSelect the gpt-4o model
gpt-4o handles more nuances and follows instructions more accurately than most models. It is also much cheaper and faster than gpt-4 and gpt-4-turbo Learn more.
Boost accuracyAdd custom instructions
Include context and specific rules to follow.

You are writing copy for a retail website. Take SEO into account.
Improve coherenceSet the creativity level
The creativity level must be adapted to the task. Use a high level for a creative writing task.
Use information from other cellsReference more columns, cells or ranges
If the model needs more context, you can reference more columns, cells and ranges in the prompt.

Write a marketplace title for product {{A}} with characteristics {{B}}. Write it in this language: {{C1}}. Include one of these terms: {{D1:D50}}.

Best practice: Compare various results by putting the results in a new column each time you change the settings.

Once you have refined your approach and are satisfied with the results from the initial rows, you are ready to launch your custom prompt in bulk. Select more cells or even all cells, click Run rows, and watch GPT for Sheets generate the rest of the titles.