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Questions for Sheets

Is the GPT for Sheets extension free to use?

No, the Sheets extension is not free to use since the end of the beta. There is a free trial which allows you to try it. After your free trial is done, you will have to buy a pack to keep using it. If you set an API key, your pack will be billed at the same rate as OpenAI bills you, meaning that your cost will now be 2x the raw OpenAI cost, double what it was when GPT for Sheets was free to use. If you do not use an API key, your pack will be billed at four times the rate as OpenAI bills us your usage, meaning your cost will be 4x the raw OpenAI cost. You can easily estimate your costs on our pricing calculator.

Where can I find the list of available GPT functions?

The list along with full documentation and video tutorials is available in the function list. You can also copy our Google Sheets example template to access and try many examples.

Who can use the GPT functions in my Google spreadsheet?

Anybody who is an editor can use the GPT functions. All usage will incur to the API key of the owner/creator of the spreadsheet.

What do you do with the data in my documents?
  • We log the prompt parameter strictly for product improvement purposes.
  • We don't log the value parameter. Learn more about parameters.
  • The full set of parameters is sent to the OpenAI API to get the response. OpenAI doesn’t use this data for training as per their API privacy policy.
  • The rest of your spreadsheet data is never read nor stored on our servers.

More details in our Privacy Policy and DPA.

My OpenAI API free trial is expired or inactive even though I've never used it...

You can double check if it is indeed expired by trying to run a prompt on the official playground.

Your OpenAI free trial will not work if you have already used the phone number with which you verified your OpenAI account for another OpenAI account. Creating a new account with a new phone number should provide you with a working free trial.


ChatGPT Plus/Pro subscriptions don't cover the use of OpenAI APIs.

I have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, why do I need to set up a paid OpenAI account?

Unfortunately ChatGPT Plus subscriptions do not include paid access to OpenAI APIs or to the OpenAI playground.

You will have to set up a paid account in the OpenAI platform dashboard even if you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

How can I monitor and control OpenAI API costs?

The OpenAI API pricing model is Pay as you go. There is no upfront or monthly cost.

You can review your usage in the OpenAI dashboard usage section.

You can easily set a spending limit in the OpenAI dashboard billing section.

The OpenAI API is very cheap since the new gpt-3.5-turbo model was released. You can easily estimate your costs on our pricing calculator.

How do you keep my OpenAI API key secure?

Your API key never touches our servers. It is stored in your Google account in a dedicated secure container. Once set, it won’t be visible to anyone.

Who can set up an OpenAI API key?

You can set your API key only on a file that you own, or that you created if it is stored in a Shared Drive. You only need to set it once.

What permissions are required by the Google add-on?
The add-on requires toReason
View and manage documents that this application has been installed inWe need to be able to inject responses in the Google documents that you launch the add-on in.
View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed inWe need to be able to inject results in the Google spreadsheets in which the GPT functions are enabled.
How do I install the GPT for Sheets and Docs add-on?

Install from the Google Workspace Marketplace:

  1. Go to the installation page.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Follow the steps until the end.

Learn more: Install GPT for Sheets and Docs

Is there a limit to the number of requests I send with GPT for Sheets?
OpenAI and Google services enforce rate limits in order to ensure a smooth and fair access to everyone. Learn more.
What is the difference between GPT-3, ChatGPT and GPT-4?

OpenAI APIs provide access to the ChatGPT model in addition to GPT-3 models, which are less verbose, and sometimes easier to prompt for specific tasks and formats. GPT for Sheets and Docs offers all those models, and defaults to ChatGPT as it is the cheapest and fastest model with quality comparable to the best GPT-3 model.

Now, OpenAI APIs also provide access to the GPT-4 models. They can follow complex instructions in natural language and deal with longer text content than GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 models. GPT-4 models are however much more expensive than ChatGPT.

See our model comparator.

Who is this extension made by?

This extension is made by Talarian. Talarian is a profitable company established in 2015, specialized in Google add-ons and Microsoft add-ins. There are around 40 people working at Talarian.

Talarian is ISO27001 certified.

Which models can I use?
Which languages can I use?

Models work in many languages, but deliver the best results in English. All we can say is try it. It is usually better to prompt in the language you want the response to be in. In any case, avoid mixing languages in a prompt.

How do I get support?

We recommend checking our troubleshooting errors page.

If it doesn’t help, let us know by submitting a support request so we can assist you further.