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Questions for Excel

How do I install the GPT for Excel add-in?

Install from Microsoft AppSource:

  1. Go to the installation page.
  2. Click Open in Excel.
  3. Follow the steps until the end.

Learn more: Install GPT for Excel

Where can I find the list of available GPT functions?

The list along with full documentation and video tutorials is available in the function list. You can also download our Microsoft Excel example template to access and try many examples.

What permissions are required by the Microsoft add-in?
The add-in requires toReason
View your basic profileAllows the add-in to see your basic profile (name, image, user name).
Maintain access to data you have given it access toAllows the add-in to access the data (your info and spreadsheets), even when you are not currently using it. This does not give the app any additional permissions.
What do you do with the data in my documents?
  • We log the prompt parameter strictly for product improvement purposes.
  • We don't log the value parameter. Learn more about parameters.
  • The full set of parameters is sent to the OpenAI API to get the response. OpenAI doesn’t use this data for training as per their API privacy policy.
  • The rest of your workbook data is never read nor stored on our servers.

More details in our Privacy Policy and DPA.

Who is this extension made by?

This extension is made by Talarian. Talarian is a profitable company established in 2015, specialized in Google add-ons and Microsoft add-ins. There are around 40 people working at Talarian.

Talarian is ISO27001 certified.

Which models can I use?
Which languages can I use?

Models work in many languages, but deliver the best results in English. All we can say is try it. It is usually better to prompt in the language you want the response to be in. In any case, avoid mixing languages in a prompt.

How do I get support?

We recommend checking our troubleshooting errors page.

If it doesn’t help, let us know by submitting a support request so we can assist you further.