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Who can execute GPT functions in a shared Google spreadsheet?

After the Creator of a Google spreadsheet enables GPT functions, any user with Editor's access to the spreadsheet can execute them. The actions needed to set up a Google spreadsheet with GPT functions as well as how those functions behave depend on where your spreadsheet is located. They are described in the table below.

Where is the spreadsheet?Who must enable GPT functionsWho can execute GPT functionsWho can use GPT for Sheets sidebarWhose balance is usedWhose API keys are used
(if any)
My DriveCreator*Creator*
Current Owner**
Current Owner**Current Owner**Current Owner**
Shared DriveCreator*Creator*

* Creator: User who created the Google spreadsheet. You can find out who the Creator of a file is by checking the file Activity.

** Owner: By default the Owner of the spreadsheet is its Creator. If the ownership of the file is transferred, the new Owner must have a positive balance in GPT for Sheets. If the Owner sets API keys in GPT for Sheets, they are also used for all executions. You can find out who the Owner of a file is by checking the file Details.

*** Editor: User who has been granted access to edit a spreadsheet. In a Shared Drive, Editors are members with a Contributor access or higher permissions.