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All available features in GPT for Docs

Discover the features available in GPT for Docs sidebar. If you are looking for usage examples, click here.

Custom prompt

Use a custom prompt to input a personalized text prompt. Upon submission, content based on the provided prompt is generated and integrated into the body of the document.

Select Write custom prompt in the Select action dropdown and write your prompt in the field

To provide context when sending a prompt (e.g. to add a paragraph to a document), select Use selection or document as context.

Prompt presets

Prompt presets make it easier for you to create a prompt. Simply select what you want to do and it will apply to the full document (size permitting) or to your selection.

Change the tone toRewrite your text to the tone of your choice
Fix grammar and spellingFix all language mistakes
SummarizeSummarize in the format of your choice
Translate toTranslate in the language of your choice

See examples here.

Target language

When generating content in a language other than English, it is preferable to provide the prompt in the target language. Upon choosing a specific language in the menu, all the prompt elements are therefore automatically translated.

Actions and behaviors are now displayed in the target languages

Insert settings

Choose how to insert the reponses into your document by selecting from the following options.

Insert settingDescription
Insert at cursor / below selectionInserts the content at the current cursor position or immediately below the selected text
Insert at [insert] tagSearches for the [insert] tag in the document and inserts the content at that location
Insert at the end of documentAppends the content to the end of the document, after all existing content
Highlight insertionHighlights the inserted content to make it easily identifiable within the document
Insert prompt in documentAdds your prompt as a header in the document when inserting the response

See examples here.

Set behavior

Provide information on the virtual author to produce adaptive, context-aware, creative, efficient, and personalized content. You can choose from a set of behaviors or create your own behavior description.

Choose Custom behavior in the dropdown to create your own behavior description

Model settings

Select the most adapted model in terms of accuracy, speed and cost, and set the corresponding parameters for all prompts from Google Docs. You can find out more about the pros and cons of OpenAI models in our Model guide, and check the average response time for each model to select the fastest one.

Model settingDescription
ModelThe pre-trained language model used for generating responses, e.g., gpt-3.5-turbo-16k, claude-2, etc (see our models guide)
TemperatureControls the creativity of the generated output - Higher values (e.g., 1.0) result in more creative outputs, while lower values (e.g., 0.1) make the output more deterministic (see our temperature guide)
Max response tokensThe maximum number of tokens (words and punctuation) in the generated response (see our tokens guide)
Max input tokensThe maximum number of tokens allowed in the input prompt based on the model limit and the max response tokens limit
Presence penaltyPenalizes new tokens based on how often they have occurred in the input - Higher values discourage repetition
Frequency penaltyPenalizes tokens based on their frequency in the training data - Higher values encourage less common words
Top PAlternative option to control creativity - Lower values result in more focused output, while higher values allow for more creative responses
Note: Set a high temperature when using Top P

Prompt history

Your prompt history is saved for the duration of your session. It is deleted when you close the add-on or the browser window.

What is saved in the prompt history:

  • Preset or custom sidebar prompt
  • "Document prompt" if your prompt is in the document itself
Prompt history shows the last prompts first.

Favorite prompts

Mark prompts as favorites by clicking the star icon. You can easily access these prompts with a single click in the Favorite prompts section. Your favorite prompts are saved across sessions, so they aren't deleted if you close the add-on or the browser window.

Prompt history shows the last prompts first.