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Reusing prompts

Retrieve prompts directly from the session history or mark them as favorites for permanent access across various Google documents.

You have opened a Google document and selected Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Launch.

Reuse a prompt from session history

Click a prompt from Prompt history to retrieve all the elements saved with it. Note that this action doesn't resubmit the same prompt, but simply incorporates the saved elements into the sidebar.

Click a prompt to retrieve elements saved in history.

Each submitted prompt is saved in the history along with the following elements:

  • Action (custom or preset prompt)
  • Your prompt (if typed in the sidebar)
  • Model settings
  • Context isn't saved in the prompt history.
  • Prompt history is deleted when you close the add-on, refresh the page or close the document.

Mark a prompt as favorite for long-term reuse

Mark a prompt as favorite to save it permanently, ensuring it remains accessible even after you close the document or the add-on. You can reuse the prompt and/or its settings across different documents.

Click the star icon to mark your prompts as favorites.