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Install GPT for Sheets

Install the GPT for Sheets add-on to access the power of language models through GPT functions within your Google spreadsheets. Once installed, this add-on also unlocks the power of AI in Google Docs.

If you use multiple Google accounts, it is recommended that you create a Chrome profile for each account.
  1. Go to the installation page.

  2. Click Install.

  3. Click Continue in the confirmation box.

    A Sign in with Google window opens.

  4. Select for which Google account you want to install GPT for Sheets and Docs.

  5. Click Allow to grant GPT for Sheets and Docs the required permissions.

A pop-up window indicates that GPT for Sheets and Docs has been installed. The add-on is available in your Google spreadsheets from Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Open.