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Select all GPT formulas

Select all GPT formulas in the current sheet in one click to identify their locations or to perform batch actions on them, such as replacing them with their results, refreshing or deleting them. After selecting all, you can fine-tune the selection by deselecting specific cells to exclude before applying the changes only across your finalized selection.

  • You have opened a spreadsheet containing GPT formulas.
  • You have opened the GPT for Sheets and Docs add-on by clicking Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Open.
  1. Open the GPT formulas controls dropdown.

    The add-on shows the number of GPT formulas in the current sheet.

  2. Click select.

All cells in the current sheet that contain GPT formulas are now highlighted. To adjust the selection, hold down the CTRL/CMD key while clicking on cells to deselect them.


Working with selections larger than 10,000 cells may negatively impact performance. For best results, keep the number of GPT formulas on one sheet under 10,000.

What's next

Replace the formulas with their results or refresh them.