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Manage cache for your spreadsheet

Cache the results of your GPT formulas to minimize costs by reusing previous results, or disable caching to generate diverse results. Caching is disabled by default on all spreadsheets and will be automatically enabled on each spreadsheet after 100 successful GPT function executions. If you are using GPT-4, GPT-4-turbo models, and the GPT_WEB function consider enabling Safe mode, which is a huge improvement over the cache feature, both in terms of execution count and storage/cache duration.

  • You have opened a spreadsheet containing GPT formulas.
  • You have opened the add-on by selecting Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Open.
  • You are not using Safe mode.

Enable cache to save costs and reuse previous results

You can enable cache usage to avoid being charged for reusing formulas. This mode ensures that results for the same formula are retrieved from the cache instead of generating new results.

  1. In the GPT for Sheets sidebar, click Settings.

  2. Click on the Enable cache switch to start saving results.

Caching is enabled for GPT formula results in your spreadsheet. You can now save costs and reuse future results of your GPT formulas.


Due to Google Sheets' limitations:

  • You can only cache up to 900 cells.
  • The cache will auto-expire after roughly 6 hours.

The formula results might not reflect your latest sidebar settings, as caching focuses on formulas and ignores sidebar settings.

To benefit from result storage and reuse with GPT-4 and GPT-4-turbo models, or with GPT_WEB, you can use Safe mode. If you want to try it, please contact support.

Disable cache to get varied results to the same formula

If you want to quickly experiment and receive different results for the same formula (for example: dragging a formula), you can disable cache usage. This mode allows for dynamic and varied results, but incurs additional costs for each execution of the same formula.

  1. In the GPT for Sheets sidebar, click Settings.

  2. Click on the Enable cache switch to get varied results from your GPT formulas.

Caching is disabled for GPT formula results in your spreadsheet. Each time the formulas are reloaded, they will be executed again, incur costs, and may return new results.