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GPT for Sheets pricing and billing questions

You need to buy a pack to add money to your balance in GPT for Sheets. Your balance can be used with all models: models that do not require an API key, and models that require an API key.


The ChatGPT Plus subscription doesn't cover usage of this extension.

How does the balance work?

Your balance will decrease according to your token consumption, which includes both input and output tokens. You can turn spending off on all your spreadsheets to prevent further spending.

Your balance can be used with any model you want.

What is a token?​

A token is a small piece of text that can represent a word or subword, a punctuation sign or a symbol. Models split all input and output into tokens for efficient processing. The token is the basic unit of usage of model providers.

The cost of a token depends on the model used.

What does cost depend on?

Cost depends on the model used and size of input and output tokens sent to and from the model provider (except for the GPT_WEB function, which is priced per 1000 executions).

Cost = all input costs + all output costs, where:

  • Input = Text or images sent to the model providers, including custom instructions, prompt templates that we use under the hood (which are very small)
  • Output = Results returned by the model providers

Use the cost estimator to estimate what your use case will cost.

Which models can be used?

Check our full and up-to-date list of supported models. You can switch models at any time. Some models are only available if you set an API key.

Do I need to buy a pack even though I'm using my own OpenAI API key?

Yes, you need to buy a pack. When you use a model that requires an OpenAI API key, you have two costs:

  • The GPT for Sheets cost paid to Talarian as per our pricing table. This cost is deducted from your balance.
  • The OpenAI API cost paid directly to OpenAI (see this page for up-to-date pricing information).

Your total cost is the sum of those two costs, which is cheaper than using the same model without an API key. You can use the pricing calculator to estimate your costs.

When is it best to use an API key?​

If you are familiar with API keys and if you have an API key with high enough rate limits, it is advised to set your own API key in order to:

  • Save on total cost on equivalent models compared to not using an API key
  • Get access to more models
  • Benefit from your own rate limits
  • Use your own fine-tuned models

Word count and language

Word counts vary by language because the way text is split into tokens differs from one language to another.

On average (figures from this study):

  • English: 1 word ≈ 1.3 tokens
  • French: 1 word ≈ 2 tokens
  • German: 1 word ≈ 2.1 tokens
  • Spanish: 1 word ≈ 2.1 tokens
  • Chinese: 1 word ≈ 2.5 tokens
  • Russian: 1 word ≈ 3.3 tokens
  • Vietnamese: 1 word ≈ 3.3 tokens
  • Arabic: 1 word ≈ 4 tokens
  • Hindi: 1 word ≈ 6.4 tokens

Refer to the study for other languages.

These figures are presented for estimation purposes only and are not guaranteed.

Can I set a spending limit?

It is not possible to set an arbitrary spending limit. However, since you cannot spend more than your current balance, your balance always acts as a spending limit.

Can I buy for my team?

This is currently not possible on a self-serve basis. Contact Support with the buyer's and the team members' email addresses and request the creation of a team.

What is the cost of GPT_WEB?

GPT_WEB is priced per 1000 executions instead of tokens. In this case, input and output size do not matter.

The price of GPT_WEB is $15 or €15 per 1000 executions.

Are errors billed?​

You will not be charged (neither by us nor by the model provider) for executions where the model provider returns an error.

Are timeouts billed?​

A timeout happens when we send your input to the model provider, but the model provider’s output comes after 30 seconds and Google Sheets prevents us from sending it back to you.

When a timeout happens, this is how you are charged:

  • If you are using an API key, you will be charged by the model provider (same as during the beta) but not by us.
  • If you're not using an API key, you will be charged by us for the input only and we will cover the cost of the output since we are not able to send it back to you.

You can enable GPT for Sheets Safe mode to avoid timeouts.

Why do I see my balance quickly go down and then go back up?​

When you launch an execution, the output size and thus full cost is still unknown. Your balance is pre-debited to make sure it can cover the full cost. If the full cost is lower than what was pre-debited, the remainder will be immediately re-credited. If you launch many executions at once, you may see your balance go down very quickly, and then go back up.

How to avoid unexpected costs due to Sheets auto-refreshes?​

Google Sheets automatically recalculates all formulas in the following cases:

  • If you move columns or rows around, sort or filter on your rows
  • Automatically every few hours when you don’t touch your spreadsheet, even if it is not opened

This includes GPT formulas and can lead to unexpected costs and result changes. See solutions here.

Who pays if I share my spreadsheet with others?​

If you share a Google spreadsheet on which you have enabled GPT functions, it allows other users to execute GPT functions within your spreadsheet too. See what role is required and who will be charged according to the spreadsheet location.

Is there a free plan?​

No, there is no free plan. There is a free trial.

Can I get a refund?​

We do not offer refunds. We encourage you to carefully consider how much you need before buying.