How to prevent the GPT formula recalculation

All formulas are regularly recalculated on a spreadsheet, and GPT functions are no exception. There are two reasons why that might be undesirable:

  • The answer you get after recalculation might change and be worse than the previous one.
  • Every recalculation will cost you OpenAI credit.

In order to prevent recalculation, you can easily replace GPT formulas from the sidebar:

Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Launch & Enable functions > Control formulas > Replace

Revoking your API keys

If you have used GPT for Sheets in many different spreadsheets and want to stop all recalculation on all spreadsheets, you can revoke your API key(s) from the OpenAI dashboard. This will prevent any further spending. You will then be able to create and add a new API key to the spreadsheets of your choice without reactivating all the other spreadsheets.