GPT for Docs reference

Prompt methods

You have two ways of inputing your prompt:

  • Directly in the document (better for more customized prompts)
  • By selecting a preset or typing it in the prompt box for the custom preset (easier to get started)

Sidebar prompt presets

Prompt presets make it easier for you to create a prompt. Simply select what you want to do and it will apply to the full document (size permitting) or to your selection.

Change the tone to
Rewrite your text to the tone of your choice
Fix grammar and spelling
Fix all language mistakes
Summarize in the format of your choice
Translate to
Translate in the language of your choice

Prompt history

Your prompt history is saved for the duration of your session. It will be deleted if you close the add-on or the browser window.

What is saved in the prompt history:

  • Preset or custom sidebar prompt
  • “Document prompt” if your prompt is in the document itself