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Get started with GPT for Word

Use GPT for Word to create an email draft and adapt its tone to your need. Activate Microsoft Word Track Changes feature to include the improvements as suggestions in the document.


Get ready to use GPT for Word

  1. Create a Word document or open a document that you own.

  2. Click GPT for Excel Word in the Home tab.

The sidebar appears on the right of your Word document.

Generate an email draft

  1. Type your prompt in the sidebar prompt field. We are requesting Write a congratulations email to my colleagues in Talarian for the release of GPT for Word.

  2. Click Send.

    An email subject and body appear in the sidebar.

  3. Click Insert.

The email draft appears inside the document.

Suggest improvements with tracked changes

  1. Click Track changes in the Review tab.

  2. Select the portion of the email you want to adapt.

  3. Type your prompt in the sidebar prompt field. We want to Change this paragraph to include a special thank you to the development team.

  4. Click Send.

    A new version of the selected paragraph appears in the sidebar.

  5. Click Replace.

The new version is displayed in the Word document as a tracked change.

You have created an email draft and suggested improvements with tracked changes in a few clicks with GPT for Word.

What's next

Start working on your own documents with GPT for Word!