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How to write a good prompt

Write a good prompt to get the best results from our extensions. Be very specific about what you want and prompt exactly like you would brief a person to do the job, by providing clear instructions and ample context.

While models can sometimes process multi-lingual prompts or generate a response in a different language from the prompt language, it is highly recommended to write your prompt in the language that you expect your response to be in.

You can also check out our OpenAI GPT prompt generator.

TaskWhat you want to achieve

Note: This should be composed of at least a verb and a noun. You can replace "Task" by "Question" if it makes more sense.
Task: write a cold email
Task: write a blogpost
Task: write 5 taglines
Task: summarize in 3 paragraphs
Task: translate from English to Spanish
Task: create a tweet thread of 10 tweets
Question: How can I find an SEO expert?
TopicWhat your text is about

Note: Don't hesitate to be highly specific.
Topic: sell a shampoo
Topic: an ice-cream shop
Topic: food in Ancient Rome
RoleWhat character the AI has to impersonate Role: Act as a teacher. Write in very basic terms, and illustrate with examples adapted to your audience. Then provide links to explore the topic further.
Role: Act as a tech reviewer. You write in-depth reviews including pros, cons, features, and benchmarks.
Role: Act as a technical writer. Your writing is very structured and hierarchical. Instructions are provided step by step so the reader can apply them without thinking.
StyleWhat type of language you want to useStyle: casual
Style: formal
Style: business
Style: creative
Style: academic
ToneHow you want your text to soundTone: joyful
Tone: angry
Tone: funny
Tone: serious
Tone: excited
Tone: sad
AudienceWho this text is for

Note: This enables the model to select appropriate words and the right level of abstraction.

Audience: 5-year old
Audience: teenager who likes rock music
Audience: my boss
Audience: topic expert
LengthHow long the output is expected to be (any unit)

Note: Language models have limited numerical accuracy, so it's good to be overly precise if you have a hard limit.
Length: 4 paragraphs
Length: 250 words
Length: strictly under 30 characters including spaces
FormatWhat structure or syntax your output must comply withFormat: HTML
Format: table
Format: markdown
Any other parameter or instruction that is useful to youCountry: X
Product: door bell
Relate recipient job title to the user selling proposition
Sign as XYZ
Start with xxx
Include references to X, Y and Z

It is then extremely easy to write a good prompt that you can then use with our extensions.

This is what your prompt should look like in Google Sheets:

You can copy this prompt from the text below:

Task: write a two sentence opening line for a cold email Style: Salesy Tone: Funny Topic: Sell the person in a witty way on the idea of building their brand and growing their business through social media videos with our company Brandtegic. Starts with: "Hi {{First name}},", then line break Make the email funny. Do not include "viral".'