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Sheets: turn spending off

Turn spending off for GPT for Sheets in all your spreadsheets. Auto-refreshes will still happen and can cause data loss but will no longer incur costs.

When you turn spending off:

  • Your balance in GPT for Sheets can no longer decrease.
  • You can no longer execute a GPT function.
  • GPT formula results generated with Safe mode are preserved.
  • The results for all other GPT formulas will be lost when the spreadsheet next refreshes.

Consider the following options prior to turning spending off:

In the GPT for Sheets sidebar, use the switch to turn spending off.

When spending is turned off, your balance in GPT for Sheets is frozen. GPT functions cannot be executed until you turn spending on again.

When you turn spending back on:

  • Your balance in GPT for Sheets is no longer frozen.
  • You can execute GPT functions.
  • GPT formula results previously generated with Safe mode are reloaded and no costs are incurred.
  • All other GPT formulas recalculate when your spreadsheets next refresh. They may return new results and incur costs.